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    Perfect Bromances for life ♥

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    i’m not even going to wait until october this year

    the ghost jokes have begun

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    if pluto isn’t really a planet how do you explain this


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    A Surprise Pride and Prejudice Engagement

    (Note: This isn’t me)

    See? This is a tailor-made proposal. Not some “big screen of basketball game nonsense. This person took into account his girlfriend’s pastimes and favourite things in the world, knew how close to the family she was and engineered the perfect engagement proposal, without a doubt managing to make sure this would please her (surely her mother and sisters would know).

    This is how you do big gestures.


    Also not weirdly public like the football matches

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    There are just some sounds that everyone loves:

    • Shoes on gravel
    • Crackling of a fire
    • The snapping of necks of those who think they can disrespect you
    • Cats purring

    what was that middle one

    crackling of a fire

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    Along with the Spooky Party promo, three new plush were announced for release in Pokemon Centers on September 9th - Pumpkaboo, Mega Gengar and Shiny Mega Gengar.

    These plush should be available for order through Sunyshore for those interested.


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    James C. LewisIcons Of The Bible

    The series, which will be fully released in October, features 70 models who identify as either Asian, Native American, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Black American and West Indian.

    "I think it is very important to see one’s self in the Scripture so that it may become real in their eyes," Lewis told The Huffington Post. "The whitewashing of the Bible has always bothered me. However I’m happy to now have the opportunity to give a different point of view."

    "I wish to exhibit a splash of color onto the biblical pages of history with my creative embellishments. By doing so I hope to open the minds and eyes of the ignorant and create open conversations of how we can learn to see the world through colorful lenses. After all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is intended for everyone."

    For those who’d like to see the entire collection, “Icons Of The Bible” will on display from November 2014 to February 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

    -waits for white people to flip shit-

    unfing awesome

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    Always reblog

    10/10 THIS

    I actually adore her because I’ve NEVER seen a black person get to be so fucking frank and honest about racial injustice on tv.

    She’s real, she’s smart, she’s witty, she’s informed and she’s fucking unapologetic. I’m obsessed.

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  10. Anonymous said: The doctor will never be a woman. There are plenty of women in the show that are admirable role models. I think you're just full ofsh it. Stop pushing your american views onto Doctor Who, a BRITISH show, with BRITISH values. It's unbelievable how obnoxious and hypocritical feminists are, especially you third-wave feminists. Always spouting "equal rights" but, "Can't hit me, cause I'm a girl!" You probably won't respond to this because you know I'm right and the whovianfeminism stance is weak.



    This was so beautiful that I had to put it up on my wall and examine it as if it were an exquisite piece of art. 


    "Manpain" by Anonymous

    Above we have a quintessential example of early 21st Century prose by an aggrieved man. The author of this piece is unknown, but we can surmise by his inability to properly say “shit” to a woman and his assurance that he likes “admirable” female characters that he is most likely a “Nice Guy.”

    The anonymous author employs deliberate obtuseness in order to provoke a reaction from his audience. Notice how he pretends no British individual supports the idea of a woman portraying the Doctor, despite clear evidence to the contrary, even amongst actors who have portrayed the titular character on the show. Then there is the stunning self-centeredness regarding his perception of third wave feminism; he is only interested in equality it grants him the “right” to hit the women whose arguments make him so incoherently angry that he is unable to rationally reply.

    His final challenge attempts to trap the reader. Do we respond and grant him the audience and validation he so desperately seeks, or do we ignore him and let him believe he has won? But perhaps we have a third option: to turn the focus back on him and examine how his comments display his deep insecurity in his own sense of masculinity, something he feels can only be reclaimed by challenging a girl on the internet to a fight and preemptively declaring victory because he fears he cannot engage with her on an intellectual level.

    a work of goddamn art oh my god

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    this means a lot, my boyfriend considers him self fat no matter what I tell him. One of my best guy friends thinks no one will date him because he is over weight which is the most un true thing every. All guys bodies are attractive.

    This means a lot to me too because my boyfriend also thinks he’s fat regardless of what I say. The saddest day was when I watched him step on a scale and get sad at a number he saw. Spread the love. 

    It’s not just the guys that are overweight either. One of my best friends is constantly poked fun at for being really skinny and he’s super self conscious about it. It’s just sad

    I’m always going to reblog this

    It makes me so happy to see posts like this on my dash; please continue the support, it really means a lot :)

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    when u draw somethin really good outa no where like


    wtf where did that come from hand? ?? ?

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